What baking is to me

There is something special about the look in someone’s eyes when they realized you took the time out of your day and baked them something. I think thats one of the things I love most about baking. It has a way of brightening someones day.


I use to bake as a child to bring people together. What’s a birthday party without a cake? A Christmas¬†party without peanut butter balls? A random day without cookies? I still bake for the same reasons, although now I also bake for myself. It is a time for me to find peace in my day. It allows me to put away my phone, close my appointment book, take off my watch. It allows me to be myself and to put time, effort and love into whatever it is I am baking. I bake to brighten others’ spirits as well as my own.


The last Christmas I had with my mom she gave me a gingerbread pin with a little message on it that said “Baking Spirits Bright”. Her disappointment in her voice when she found out I hadn’t worn it once while baking for that Christmas still haunts me a bit. She truly believed my baking brightened those around me and she had given me that pin from the depths of her heart hoping I would wear it and realize the impact I was having on others. Although I still do not wear it around I keep it in a safe spot, taking it out every once in a while to remind myself of the many joys that baking brings as well as the many memories of my mom that were created through baking.


Baking Spirits Bright


Let me know what you thought :)

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