The Heart of Baking Spirits Bright

The last Christmas I had with my mom she gave me a little silver gingerbread pin with a  message on it that read “Baking Spirits Bright”.

Her disappointment in her voice when she found out I hadn’t worn it once while baking for that Christmas still haunts me a bit. I was actually on the phone with her, two hours away at school and about a month after she had given me when she said “I never saw you wearing that gingerbread pin I gave you”. This little pin wasn’t something she had just thrown into my Christmas gifts as a gift filler. She truly believed my baking brightened those around me and she had given me that pin from the depths of her heart hoping I would wear it and realize the impact I was having on others.

Although I still do not wear it around I keep it in a safe spot, taking it out every once in a while to remind myself of the many joys baking brings as well as the many memories of my mom that exist because of baking.



4 thoughts on “The Heart of Baking Spirits Bright

  1. So heartwarming. So clever. A special women just like her mommy. I can see her now so very proud of you. I can’t wait to see your recipes i’m sure i will be baking a few. You make me very hungry when you post your pictures on fb they always look so delicious. Wish you lived closer I could be your professional sampler! The “spirit” lives on. God bless.

  2. you are officially a part of my bookmarks bar!

  3. You are going to make me into a baker, I going to try the m&m cookies this weekend. What an amazing blog you have here, Im cant wait to read more. So very Proud of you….. Love Uncle Perry

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